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Strategic Planning

Many organizations decide to engage in a strategic planning process prior to undertaking a new project, particularly a project that takes the organization in a new direction.

Chi Partners begins the strategic planning process by studying the organization, its history, its mission and its market. Using a goals-based strategic planning model, Chi Partners then works with the organization’s management team to create the following elements of the strategic plan:

  • Creating or adjusting the organization’s mission and vision statements
  • Formulating a clear set of values that guide the organization’s planning, operations and programs
  • Conducting both internal and external environmental scans – with the internal scan looking at strengths and weaknesses of the organization, and the external scan assessing opportunities and threats from outside of the organization
  • Establishing critical high level objectives and  strategic, measurable goals based on these objectives
  • Creating both strategies and tactics – the approaches or sets of activities needed to achieve the goals and objectives
  • Formulating an implementation plan that spells out cost, duration, priority order and accountability for each strategy and tactic

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