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Rural Communities

Many rural communities lack the senior housing and care options that have become commonplace in more populated areas.  As a result, elders living in rural communities are often forced to move out of the area when in need of care, just at the time when the support of family and friends has become increasingly important.  Leaving the community that has been home, often for decades, to move to an unfamiliar environment away from lifelong relationships can be devastating to these elders and their family members.

Chi Partners recognizes the challenges that rural communities face in striving to ensure that appropriate long-term options are available to their elders.  We have worked with many organizations in rural areas interested in developing housing and service options to support their elders in remaining in the community as they age.

We have conducted research to pinpoint the unique needs of rural communities in relation to determining market demand and are familiar with the challenges associated with the development and operation of rural projects, such as assisted living facilities, that lack the economies of scale typically available in non-rural areas.

We would be happy to talk with you about the potential need for senior housing and services in your area, to support your elders in remaining in the community as their care needs increase.

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