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To improve the quality of care and the quality of life for nursing home residents, a growing movement, known as “culture change,” is working to deinstitutionalize long-term care and radically transform the nursing home environment.

Chi Partners is involved with all aspects of the culture change movement, with a particular focus on the GREEN HOUSE® model of care.

Chi Partners:

  • Developed the financial feasibility model used in the Green House national replication effort
  • Provides financial modeling to Green House projects on behalf of the Green House national office
  • Conducts market and financial analyses for providers interested in exploring culture change models of care
  • Developed an issue brief and held a one-day conference on “Changing the Physical Environment of Nursing Homes – Addressing State Regulatory Hurdles”, with funding provided by the CA Health Care Foundation.
  • Conducted a staffing study of Green House projects and conventional high quality nursing facilities on behalf of the national office
  • Evaluated the replicability of the Green House model of care in California for the CA Health Care Foundation

Chi Partner’s work around culture change is based on the belief that residents of nursing facilities have the right to enjoy the same privacy and choice they would experience if they were still living in their own homes.  When culture change models are implemented, the needs and preferences of the residents come first, with the operations of the facility shaped by this awareness.

In addition, the physical and organizational structure of facilities is made less institutional, as large, hospital-like units with long corridors are transformed into home-like settings where small groups of residents are cared for by a consistent team.

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