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Financial Feasibility

The principal of Chi Partners has created interactive financial models used by a number of states for their affordable assisted living programs and the financial feasibility tool used by the GREEN HOUSE® culture change model in its national replication effort.

These models form the basis for the comprehensive financial feasibility studies conducted for proposed projects, focusing on development, operations, financing and scenario analyses.

The financial feasibility analyses conducted by Chi Partners include:

  • Developing detailed development cost estimates based on the latest local and regional cost data
  • Obtaining local operating cost information including wages, supplies, raw food, insurance, licensing, etc.
  • Determining the optimal revenue structure for the project, including payor mix and private pay rates
  • Researching likely funding sources for the development of the project including equity, soft secondary debt, grant and traditional debt sources
  • Based on the information obtained, developing a comprehensive financial feasibility analysis with an interface between the operating costs, development costs and financing/funding sources
  • Providing monthly projections for the first two years of operation and annual projections for the first ten years of operation with working capital estimates
  • Modifying the financial feasibility analysis based on multiple scenarios and feedback from the project’s sponsor

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