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Alaska Assisted Living Financial Model

This financial feasibility model was developed for the State of Alaska to facilitate the financial analysis of proposed assisted living homes in Alaska.

This financial feasibility model may be used either to make a “first cut” rearding the preliminary feasibility of a project or to conduct a full financial feasibility analysis, since generic operating assumptions built into the model allow users to generate preliminary financial projections with minimal input.

The model was designed to accommodate multi-use projects, as these projects are often the most viable in smaller communities.  Thus, in addition to assisted living  units, the model can also generate projections for independent rental units, leased commercial space and other service programs such as adult day care or senior meal sites.

The feasibility model was developed for the State of Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Senior and Disabilities Services, and is used in the application process for funds available through the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation.

Alaska Assisted Living Financial Model Workbook

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