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Assisted Living in Rural Markets

This report was developed to 1) evaluate the efficacy of applying standard market study methodologies for assisted living to rural communities and 2) identify factors that contribute to the success of rural assisted living facilities.

The study utilizes data from a convenience sample of assisted living residences located in small rural communities, with data collected from government sources, facility administrators and community stakeholders.

The report summarizes characteristics of the facilities studied and analyzes the attributes of the markets in which the facilities operate.  The findings of the study included higher market penetration rates and saturation rates for the rural facilities than the national benchmarks typically used, even though the occupancy rates were comparable to national averages.

Other findings include differences in the admission and retention criteria, acuity levels, and payor mix (i.e. Medicaid versus private-pay) as compared to data obtained through national surveys of assisted living facilities.

The Assisted Living in Rural Markets report was developed in 2007 for NCB Capital Impact, with funding provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


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